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Do you have a proverb that you would like to see in the African Proverb Generator?  Use the comment space below to share a proverb (or two, or three…).  We want to build a large searchable database of proverbs, so that is of value to our visitors.  Please include as much information as possible about each proverb (the proverb, the country/group the proverb comes from, if it appears in a book, poem, speech, film, song etc.).

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5 thoughts on “African Proverb Generator

  1. komagum charles says:

    thanks for the contributions and proverbs
    continue to inspire young African people

  2. Arthur Grimstead says:

    I would like to receive proverbs

  3. Joycelyn says:

    Thanks for these insightful words

  4. Moses Isiagi says:

    Having a hydrocele doesnot mean a man has sexual prowess

  5. Moses Isiagi says:

    The early bird in Africa catches the early worm but also the second mouse always gets the cheese.

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