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Proverb Resources
African Proverbs Calendars. Proverb calendars from (external).
Sayings from Africa (external).
Motherland Nigeria (external). Proverbs from all over Nigeria (not just Yoruba).
31 Proverbs for Leaders. One monthly calendar of proverbs for leaders (internal).
Proverbs for Changemakers (internal).
New Year Proverbs (internal).
Kwanzaa Proverbs (internal).
Proverbs for Preachers and Teachers (internal).
Money and Wealth Proverbs (internal).
Love and Marriage Proverbs (internal).
Leadership Proverbs (internal).
Jamaican Proverbs (internal).
Inspirational Proverbs (internal).
Humorous, Funny Proverbs (internal).
Haitian Proverbs (internal).
Graduation Proverbs (internal).
Food Proverbs (internal).
Bibliography. A detailed bibliography has been included to reference
works and, as important, to encourage further exploration
of African proverbs and culture.
African Proverb Generator (internal).
Proverbatim 25,000+ proverbs from 140 countries/cultures. (external).
BBC News Africa’s proverbs (external).
African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories (external). A window to African Oral Literature. Features include polls, calendars and monthly proverbs (external).

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