Gullah Proverbs

  • Dog got four feet but can’t walk but one road.
  • New broom sweeps clean but old broom gets corners.
  • Evry sick ain’t fa tell de doctor.
  • Mus tek cyear a de root fa heal de tree. (Take care of the roots to heal the tree.)
  • Come see ein like come stay.  (Come see [dating] isn’t the same as come stay [a life-long commitment].)

Do you know a Gullah proverb?  If so, please share a proverb (or two or three…) with us.

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One thought on “Gullah Proverbs

  1. Mary Matthews says:

    My mother-in-law of Charleston, SC shared these with me:
    “A hard head make a soft behind.” [Refusal to accept wise advice leads to pain and sorrow],
    “Hard times make a monkey eat red pepper.” [Desperation will make people do extreme things],
    “Your brother is in the cornfield, jumping over the fence, with a paper string sack!” [Someone has committed a crime in secret, but we all know who did it]

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