Yvonne McCalla Sobers is a Jamaican living in her home island where she received her university education. She added to her store of proverbs during the four years she lived among Ghanaians who spoke Ga, Ewe, Akan, and Hausa. She was frequently amazed to hear Ghanaians use proverbs that felt as culturally familiar as ackee and saltfish cooked in coconut oil over a wood fire in her grandmothers’ kitchens. She is author of Delicious Jamaica! Vegetarian Cuisine (Book Publishing Company) and is mother of grown twin sons.


Askhari Johnson Hodari, a practitioner of Black/Africana Studies regularly studies and travels the African diaspora. She has visited numerous countries in Africa, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Hodari received her B.A. from Spelman College and her doctorate from Howard University. Hodari makes her home in the magic city of Birmingham, Alabama.  She is the author of The African Book of Names (Health Communications, Inc., February 2009).


Read the Q&A with Askhari Johnson Hodari and Yvonne McCalla Sobers, authors of LIFELINES here.  Or, downlad a copy of the Q&A here.

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